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About Victorin's

Victorin’s operates at the heart of the international antiques trade, dealing in a diverse range of furnishings, artworks, religious artifacts, and other priceless findings - with origin points of our collections ranging from the 10th to the 20th century. Since its beginning in 2000, the company has held a prestigious position in the international and global antiques markets, a status that it continues to enjoy among its private, exclusive list of clients.

Victorin’s prioritizes quality and rarity above all else, meaning that each work within the collections is selected with expert care and precision. By combining firm knowledge of the contemporary antiques trade and historical importance with keen aesthetic sensitivity, the company provides offers to its selected clients with only the finest & rarest of works. 

Victorin’s is specializes in the field of historical arts, books & antiques, holding large and varied collections of unique pieces for loan & sale. The breadth of the company’s collection is wide, and includes items from a range of periods, styles, and geographical origins, as well as works by historical figures, religious leaders, famous artists, and antique craftsmen. While the scope of antiques on offer is varied, all are of consistently high quality and impossible rarity, and exemplify each place in humanity’s different periods of history. It is this emphasis on historical importance that unites Victorin’s collection of diversely exquisite collections.

While Victorin’s regularly participates at selected fairs and exhibitions, as well as private events and happenings, we approach any potential sales and collaborations only through private invites and offers.  Our extensive list of clients includes public & private museums, libraries, private traders, government officials, private individuals and select companies.

As we have contacts all throughout the international antique & arts industry, we accept inquiries for specific searches of different items or collections. We enviably leverage market knowledge and our extensive connections to access and secure the very best antique pieces for potential clients and our own in-house collections.



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