Court artist of Tsar Nicholas I Grashof Otto (1812-1876)


Germany, Russia. 1830-40s
Canvas, oil
Height: 75 cm
Length: 95 cm

An outstanding German painter, draftsman, engraver, author of portraits, historical, battle, hunting, animal paintings and landscapes. He took drawing lessons from Cologne painters, then continued his art education at the Dusseldorf Academy of Arts. From 1830 he studied at the Academy of Arts in Berlin. In 1830 he painted a number of family portraits and paintings. His works were exhibited at the exhibition of the Society of Artists in Cologne in 1834. In 1838 he came to St. Petersburg, where he painted portraits for private orders. From 1841 -1843 he lived in Moscow, where he met the composer F. Liszt and painted his portrait. In 1843 he returned to St. Petersburg, where he created 28 portraits for the Lazarev family, and also worked on orders from Princess Menshikova.

Emperor Nicholas I acquired several paintings by Groshoff. In 1848 he showed his works at an exhibition at the Berlin Academy of Arts. In 1856, the artist commissioned a portrait of the Brazilian Emperor Pedro II, as well as a portrait of one of his court ladies. In 1857, an exhibition of the artist’s works was held at the Royal Palace in Rio de Janeiro.