Kalashnikov Stepan Vasilievich (born 1920)


Paper, watercolor
Width: 63 cm
Height: 46 cm

Artist Kalashnikov Stepan Vasilievich. Born 1920 Veteran of the Great Patriotic War. Graduated from the Military Technical Academy in Leningrad. Worked in the military-industrial complex for many years. In the 50-60s he participated in the development and creation of guided jet weapons for aircraft and missile systems. Laureate of the USSR State Prize. In the early 60s he retired and devoted himself entirely to creative work.

The artistic director of the studio of military artists named after him had a great influence on the formation of Stepan Vasilyevich as an artist. Grekova Zhukov N.N., who was essentially the first teacher who instilled a love for watercolors.
The second person who took part in the artist’s creative life was the head of the CDSA art studio in the late 70s, Grosse O.I., a wonderful artist and teacher.
For the last quarter of a century, Stepan Vasilyevich has actively participated in the creative life of the CDSA-KTs RF Armed Forces (Central House of the Soviet Army named after Frunze), a permanent participant in all-Union, republican, city and all studio exhibitions. The artist’s works have been acquired into private collections of foreign and Russian art lovers and are in the collections of museums and war veterans’ hospitals.
In his work he preferred watercolors.