Schyette August Henrik Georg (1823-1895)


Canvas, oil
Height: 35 cm
Length: 61 cm

Painter, portraitist, master of genre scenes. Considered one of the best portrait painters in Denmark in the second half of the 19th century. He worked for representatives of the top of the Danish aristocracy and the royal family, and was awarded a knighthood. He entered the Copenhagen Academy of Arts in 1841, studied in the class of the famous landscape painter J. Lund. He took private lessons from the legendary painter, representative of the Golden Age of Danish art, K. Eckersberg. He first exhibited his work while still a student, in 1844. Already in 1846, his works won both large and small silver medals of the Academy.

The master's works are in various major museum collections, including the Royal Collection of Rosenborg Castle, as well as the Copenhagen Royal Academy of Arts, the National Portrait Gallery in London, the National Gallery of Iceland in Reykjavik, etc.