Rubo Franz Alekseevich


2nd half of the 1910s -1920s.
Canvas, oil
Height: 72.3 cm
Width: 123 cm

Franz Alekseevich Roubo was born on June 15, 1856 in Odessa. His father is a French bookseller who moved to Russia, a native of Marseille, Alex Roubaud; mother - Madeleine Senech ran her own house of models.

From an early age, Franz Roubaud showed a penchant for drawing. At the age of 9 he was enrolled in the Odessa School of Drawing and Drawing, and in 1878 he entered the Bavarian Royal Academy of Arts. His teacher was Joseph Brandt. During the holidays, the young man came to Russia every year, traveling around the Caucasus, Ukraine, and Central Asia. The Caucasus has become one of the artist’s favorite themes. In 1886, he received an order to paint 19 paintings on the theme of the Caucasian Wars for Tiflis. To fulfill the order, the painter studied historical events and got acquainted with the battle sites. In the Caucasus, the artist created a whole gallery of colorful images of highlanders.