Abilkhan Kasteev (1904-1973)


Canvas, oil 85x147 cm

The artist's work against the background of a mountain landscape and elders immersed in conversation. To the right of them is a yurt. a scene that depicts a group of men sitting on a carpet, among the green grass. In the foreground, he depicted men sitting on a felt carpet. The action unfolds in the bosom of nature. The figures of the men, their angles are very similar. In the center is the figure of Abai Kunanbayev. His right arm is bent at the elbow and his left arm rests on his knee.

The work of the artist of Kazakhstan A. Kasteev is a bright page in the history of Kazakh culture of the twentieth century. The rich creative heritage of A. Kasteev successfully worked in all classical genres of painting, and the created by him is a real artistic chronicle of Soviet Kazakhstan. Numerous paintings and graphic works are evidence of unsurpassed craftsmanship.