Zhanataı Shardenov (1927-1992)


Oil on canvas. 70x90 cm
Bottom left is the caption: Shardenov Zh.
On the reverse there is an inscription: Shardenov Zh. "Medeo" 90x70
The work is not dated.

A landscape of a mountain panorama made in a conventional manner from a high vantage point with a view of the gorge, the dam and the skating rink in the Medeo tract. It is painted pastosely, with large brushstrokes with a predominance of green-brown palette with the inclusion of pastel colors.

Shardenov, being a recognized master of Kazakh landscape painting, is known for the characteristic manner of creating pastose painting, based on the natural reproduction of the nature of his native land, Features of the foothills of Almaty. The image of the foothills of Almaty and the Medeo tract repeatedly appears in the painter's mind as the main motif.