B. Bachmann-Hohmann


Canvas, oil
Height: 91.5 cm
Length: 123.5 cm

Painter, master of battle scenes, animal painter, portrait painter. He worked in Vienna and Leipzig in the late 1840s - 1850s. He gained fame thanks to large-scale battle scenes illustrating the most striking events of revolutions and wars of the mid-19th century, including episodes of the Crimean War. He regularly exhibited his works at the Vienna Art Association "Neuer Kunstverein", founded by the famous Austrian painter F. Waldmüller. He worked for some time in Lepzig, creating a whole gallery of portraits of the most representative citizens.

Works by Bachmann-Hochmann regularly appear in the catalogs of the largest auction houses in Europe and are in the collections of the Museum of the History of the City of Leipzig and the Historical Museum in Vienna. Engravings made from his works commemorating the 1849 revolution in Austria-Hungary are in the British Royal Collection.