Monsted Peder (1859‑1941)


Canvas, oil
Height: 59 cm
Length: 91 cm

Danish painter Peder Mønsted is one of the most famous landscape painters of the late 19th - early 20th centuries, a prominent representative of realistic, plein air painting. He was educated at the Academy of Arts in Copenhagen in 1876-1879 under the guidance of the landscape and portrait painter Andries Fritz (1828-1906) and the genre painter Julius Exter (1825-1910), and studied at the school of painting Peter Severin Kroer (1851-1909). Mønsted was greatly influenced by the work of the outstanding Danish romantic landscape painters Christen Köbke (1810-1848) and Christian Skorgård (1817-1875). He traveled around Italy, often visited Capri, was in Switzerland, in Paris, where he studied in the studio of the popular painter of that time, William Bougereau (1825-1905).

The works of Peder Mønsted are kept in the Danish National Gallery in Copenhagen, in the Art Museum in Olberg (Denmark), the Museum of Danish Art in Randers, the Borholm Museum, in the Bautzen, Roskilde and Rudersdal museums (Denmark); at the Bautzen Art Museum (Germany); at the Chi-Mei Museum (Taiwan, China); in the Dahesh Museum (New York, USA), as well as in private collections.