Bego Pierre Albert (1900-1956)


France. 1946-1956
Canvas, oil
Height: 121.5 cm
Length: 120.5 cm

French artist Pierre Albert Bego is known as a monumentalist, decorator, portrait painter and landscape painter. He worked in various painting and graphic techniques. He was associated with a group of artists of the “Bordeaux school”, who proclaimed themselves the last stronghold of classical art. They considered the main thing in their creativity to be the creation of works in large monumental forms, primarily cycles of frescoes for public buildings. Bego was educated in his hometown of Bordeaux, then moved to Paris. In 1926, he worked in Bordeaux on five panels on the history of the port of Bordeaux, commissioned by the Maritime Federation, in the meeting room of the Maritime Exchange. In 1931 he became professor of drawing and also professor of old art at the Bordeaux School of Architecture. Then he was engaged in teaching until the end of his life. In the 1940-1950s. He is mainly engaged in easel painting and paints portraits of friends.

In the 1940-1950s. Bego regularly participated in the Salon of French Artists in Paris, as well as in the Salon of Creativity in the conservatory of the public garden in Bordeaux. In 1936 he exhibited his works at the Barero Gallery in Paris. In 1957, in memory of the artist, a retrospective exhibition was held at the Salon of French Artists at the Grand Palais in Paris. In 2006, 173 drawings were donated by the artist's family to the Bordeaux Art Museum, where the exhibition "Heart and Mind" was organized.

The artist's works are kept in museums and private collections in France, in particular in the Art Museum in Bordeaux.