Guerin Charles (1875-1939)


Canvas, oil
Height: 81.5 cm
Length: 100 cm

French artist Charles Guerin (1875-1939) is a famous painter and graphic artist, a representative of post-impressionism. He received his artistic education at the Paris School of Fine Arts, where he studied in 1894-1898 with the famous symbolist Gustave Moreau. Guerin's work was greatly influenced by Claude Monet and Auguste Renoir, as well as Paul Cézanne. In 1897, Guerin made his debut at the Salon of the Society of French Artists. Since 1905, he participated in exhibitions at the Salon of Independents, as well as at the Autumn Salon. He took part in international exhibitions in Paris (1905, 1910, 1913), Munich (1898, 1900, 1906, 1911), Brussels (1908), Amsterdam (1912), Rome (1913), Venice (1920). In 1923 he became one of the co-founders of the Tuileries Salon. Professor at the School of Fine Arts in Paris. Since 1901 - member of the Society of Independent Artists, since 1903 - of the Society of the Autumn Salon.

Paintings by Charles Guerin are kept in museums in Paris (Orsay Museum, National Museum of Modern Art, Center Pompidou), Beauvais, Cannes, Epinal, Grenoble, Lausanne, Mainz, Munich, Poitiers, Sens, Toulon, Toulouse, Venice, Moscow (Pushkin Museum named after A. S. Pushkin), St. Petersburg (State Hermitage Museum).