Hoenberger Franz (1867-1941)


Canvas, oil
Width: 100 cm
Height: 75.3 cm

Austrian artist, known as the author of historical and genre paintings, portraits, landscapes, and still lifes. He began his art education at the private drawing school of Joseph Herwarter, and from the age of 15 he studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna. The artist spent 1891-1893 in Paris, where he continued his studies in the workshops of famous French painters and at the J. Jerome School of Fine Arts. Since 1894, his works have been shown at exhibitions in Vienna. At the turn of the century he worked primarily in the field of decorative painting and design. Most of Hoenberger's still lifes are painted in the style of European realism and belong to the "flowers and fruits" genre.

The artist's paintings are kept in Vienna museums - the Austrian Belvedere Gallery and the Vienna City Museum.