Andersen-Lundby Anders (1841-1923)


Western Europe.
Canvas, oil
Height: 67.3 cm
Length: 98.5 cm

The famous landscape artist Anders Andersen-Lundby (1841-1923) was born in Germany. In 1861 he came to Copenhagen, where he attended classes at the Royal Academy of Arts as a volunteer. From 1864 to 1913, he exhibited his works almost every year at major exhibitions in Copenhagen. In 1876 he settled in Munich and added the name of his native village, Lundby, to his surname. He traveled extensively in southern Germany, Denmark and Italy. In 1883 he was nominated for the title of Academician of Painting at the Copenhagen Academy of Arts. The artist became a professor at the Munich Academy of Arts. In 1882 and 1893-1894 he participated in exhibitions of the Society of Artists in Munich, and in 1909 in Aarhus, Denmark. The artist was widely known as a master of winter landscapes, in which he masterfully painted snow.

Paintings by A. Andersen-Lundby are kept in museums in Copenhagen, Munich (New Pinakothek), Trieste.