Boehme Karl Theodor (1866-1939)


Germany. Beginning of the 20th century.
Canvas, oil
Width: 190 cm
Height: 154 cm

German artist Karl Theodor Boehme (1866-1939) is a famous marine painter. He studied in 1884-1892 at the Academy of Arts in Karlsruhe with the landscape and marine painter Gustav Schönleber (1851-1917). Lived and worked in Karlsruhe. In search of motives for his works, he traveled a lot, visited the islands of Rügen and Bernholm in the Baltic Sea, Norway, France, England, Italy, and lived for a long time in Capri. Since 1891 he took part in exhibitions in Munich, Vienna, Berlin, Salzburg, and Buenos Aires. His paintings with views of the southern coast of Italy and the island of Capri are very popular.

The artist’s paintings are kept in museum and private collections in Munich (New Pinakothek), Karlsruhe (State Kunsthalle), Mannheim (Mannheim Art Hall), Trieste (Revoltella Museum), Baden-Baden (City Art Gallery), Cologne, Erlangen, etc.