Jan van Goyen


Canvas, oil. 60.4 x 73.5 cm

Diagonal composition; tonal harmony of plans; staffing organically integrated into the landscape; a combination of energetic X-shaped strokes in the image of the sky and fine ligature in the image of tree crowns; active use of the effect of translucent gray ground - all these pictorial and technical techniques are characteristic of Jan van Goyen's late landscapes of the 50s.

Below, right of center, monogram and year: VG 1654.
Registered at the Netherlands Institute of Art History (RKD) as an undisputed work of painting by the famous Dutch artist Jan van Goyen.

Saxon aristocratic collection;
Graupe auction, Berlin, 12/10/1932, lot 110;
Auction A. Weinmuller, Munich, 1952;
Bohler Gallery, Munich, 1960;
Private collection, Munich.

Dutch realism