Joos de Momper II


Wood (oak), oil, 63.7 x 57 cm

The staffage was performed by the famous Flemish artist Pieter Snyers (1592, Antwerp - 1667, Brussels).

A painting from a small group of landscapes from the late period of the Flemish artist Joos de Momper. These landscapes are characterized by an unusual compositional structure: steep rocks on the right and left form a narrow strip of clearing, into which a bright distant view of the mountains opens. For comparison: "Rocky landscape with a hermit", oil on wood 56.5 x 96, in a French private collection (K. Ertz, Josse de Momper der Jüngere (1564-1635). Die Gemälde mit kritischem Oeuvrekatalog, Freren 1986, Cat. No. 213, p. 525, ill.) and "Rocky Landscape", from the former Kaiser-Friedrich Museum in Berlin, which was lost during the Second World War (ibid., cat. no. 230, p. 532, ill. 143 ). The author of the monograph, Erzt, argues that this typology of landscape with a narrow breakthrough in perspective precedes another, later typology with the image of caves.
The vertical format of the painting is rare in the work of the Flemish artist Joos de Momper.