Cornelis Huysmans


Last quarter of the 17th century
Oil on canvas, 58 x 57 cm

In his works, Huysmans combines the motifs of Poussin's classic landscape with the Flemish pictorial tradition of careful detailing, especially foliage. The background of the landscape is painted subtly, with shading, using the texture of a coarse-grained canvas, which creates a feeling of light haze. The artist’s compositions are characterized by the image of tree crowns, through which bright sunlight shines through. To create a similar effect, Huysmans uses a light underpainting, then models the crown using it and paints the foliage in separate strokes.

As a convincing analogy, we can point to the painting “Landscape with the ruins of a tower”, oil on canvas, 81 x 118, State Hermitage Museum, St. Petersburg, inventory No. GE-670.