Max Heilmann


Canvas, oil. 91 x 63 cm
In the lower right corner - signature and year: Max H. 89

Judging by the dating of the painting, it was painted by the artist at the age of twenty, that is, either while studying at the Weimar Art School of the Grand Duke of Saxony, or immediately after graduating. Thus, the painting is of particular value as an example of the pedagogical influence of its teachers on the young artist.

In art history, the term Weimar School of painting refers to the major trend in landscape painting in Germany from 1860 to 1900, which has its origins in the Barbizon School and is its German counterpart. This is a turn from the traditions of studio painting and the requirements of neoclassicism to plein air painting, to working in the open air. In the history of art, the Weimar School of painting is a unique phenomenon because the rejection of the traditional view of landscape painting was done directly by the teachers, and not through opposition created outside the academy, such as an independent artists' colony or the Secession movement.