Cornelisa Kika (1635-1681)


Holland. End of the 17th century.
Canvas, oil
Height: 47 cm
Length: 37 cm

A type of chamber still life with flowers and fruits, similar to the painting, is found in the works of the Dutch artist Cornelis Kick (1635 - 1681). K.Kik worked in Amsterdam and is known as the author of still lifes with flowers and fruits. K. Kik began his career as an artist in the workshop of Father Simon Kik (1603 - 1652), a portrait painter. Later, in the 1660s - 1670s, when Cornelis started a family and his own workshop in Amsterdam, under the influence of the works of Jan Davids de Heem (1606 - 1684) - the largest artist of the still life genre in the 17th century, who had a significant influence on him - began to paint still lifes . K. Kick's works are distinguished by scrupulous attention to every detail and a fluid, soft manner of painting. The background in his still lifes, thanks to the soft light and shadow modeling, has spatial depth.