Alfred Swieykowski


First quarter of the 20th century
Cardboard, oil. 30.5 x 40.5
Bottom left signature: A.Swieykowski

This impressionist landscape was painted en plein air, as evidenced by traces of the use of a sketchbook. The motif of snow-covered nature is often found in the artist’s work. Alfred Svejkowski uses the achievements of impressionism to depict dazzling white snow with painterly means. Using a complex composition of shades of white: pink, turquoise, blue, the artist achieved the effect of iridescent iridescence (iridescence) of fresh snow in the light. This is facilitated by the deep, multifaceted composition of the landscape, the combination of snow-covered surfaces illuminated with varying intensities. The impasto texture of the painting surface “works” actively. The incident light shimmers in high relief brush strokes, creating the effect of sparkling snow.