Stoffe Jan Jacobs van der (1611-1682)


Around 1645
Wood, oil
Height: 36 cm
Length: 62.7 cm

Jan Jacobs van der Stoffe (1611-1682) was born and worked in Leiden, and is a representative of the so-called “Little Dutch”. He was influenced by Esaias van de Velde (1590-1630) and Palamedes Palamedes Stevers (1607-1638). He joined the guild of painters in Leiden in 1644, and in 1669 became its dean. In the work of the artist Ya.Ya. van der Stoff clearly demonstrated the national features of painting of this time: a small format, a chamber design of the battle scene, attention to the landscape. The picture is painted on wood using oil painting technique. The beginning of the formation of the battle genre in Dutch art dates back to the 1620s, and was caused by the national liberation war (1568 - 1648), which was waged by the people of Holland against the Spanish monarchy. Only in 1648, after the signing of the Peace of Westphalia, Spain recognized Holland as an independent state.

Paintings by J. van der Stoffe are kept in museums in Braunschweig, Leiden, and Moscow. Amsterdam. Vienna. Stockholm, Nuremberg and in private collections.