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Victorin’s Auctions founded in 2018, stands as an expert house in the global antiques market. Our curated collections span from the 10th to the 21st century, showcasing rare furnishings, artworks, religious artifacts, fine & vintage jewelry and more. We prioritize quality and rarity, meticulously selecting each piece with expertise and aesthetic sensitivity. Specializing in historical arts, books, and antiques, our diverse offerings encompass various periods, styles, and origins.
We deal in a diverse range of furnishings, artworks, religious artifacts, signed fine-jewelry and other priceless findings - with origin points of our collections ranging from the 10th to the 21st century.
We passionately scour carefully curated auctions to discover exquisite vintage antiques that hold the echoes of bygone eras, each one a unique treasure waiting to be unearthed.
Specialized Auctions
We enthusiastically purchase vintage antiques and jewelry, both from our valued clients and the general public. Our commitment to preserving these treasures ensures that each item finds a new home, allowing their stories to live on in the hands of those who appreciate their timeless beauty.
Vetted Clients & Public
For the past 20 years we have established a strong network of industry wholesalers, suppliers, dealers and stores that allows us to source an enormous variety of valuable artifacts, goods and jewelry
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Include photos and any relevant documents or certificates. Detailed information will improve our level of service. We will reply with our initial review, rough price estimate and other info. Afterwards will send an insured shipping label for you to use for a physical inspection. Upon review of your items, our expert team will provide a written offer for your consideration. Receive a check, bank transfer, or gift card (towards your next jewelry purchase. Payment will be offered either upfront or after the item sells (terms & policies apply in written contracts)
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